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White Crown     by Jan Palmer   ArtPoems 2014
Abstraction of Life    by Jonas Stirner    ArtPoems 2014

ArtPoems 2015
Organizational Meeting and Pairing
Saturday, November 8, 2014, 10:00 am
Alliance for the Arts
White Crowns Top Empty Tanks 
    Inspired by Jan Palmer’s  White Crown

Fueled by desire

I drive the drunk dark

Miles of desert road

Dreaming your finger tips

Fire the sculpture of us, embraced

Under the caressing Hopi sun

But, arising at a gallop 

The magic horse brakes dawn

On a blind new day

When desire and drink

Collude in cartoon

And, the notion of you

Tanked-up for me

Burns to ash

Under the sobering sun of noon

      Gary McLouth
From My Window
    Inspiration for Jonas Stirner's  Abstraction of Life

The last red roses of October—
drooping heads, petals curled,
tipped purple. A few buds 
unopened, holding tight against
first frost. Abrasive thorns,
paralyzed place holders on long
stems, arrested growth, sun 
starved. Tonight’s chill will kill,
no mercy for delicate beauty.

Gather the broken wind-tossed,
past their bloom. Pull petals and
place upon the table to suffuse 
the room with autumn’s June,
or trim stately stems to prune
for spring. Cast withered flower
heads onto the pile. A generation
of blooms spent, a season swept.
Canes brown and bare, wintering 
there outside my window.

      Lorraine Walker Williams

Smiling Lady
     Inspired by Peg Cullen's Linda Dee

We arrived in August by railroad from New York City
the summer between high school and college.
Fifteen ponytailed young women and pimple-faced young men
to live and work on a farm in rural Asheville, North Carolina.
Greeted with iced lemonade and trays of lemon cookies
from the smiling lady.

First meal, a bowl of khaki-color soup,
never knew what was in it, too hungry to care.
I stopped the tray of warm gold-crusted corn bread,
Grasped one piece for each spoonful of soup.
Bright smile lined her face.

Walking into the kitchen, I asked, “Do you share recipes?”
“The secret is the black cast-iron skillet,” she began.
I wrote as fast as she talked.
A dazzling smile reached her eyes.

My first all-day task: picking ripe corn. She coaxed me 
to eat a raw ear while resting in the shade. Juicy kernels.
Her wide grin twinkled.

Odor and noise escaped from the milking barn.
Sitting low, I looked up into brown eyes, the cow looked down.
I squirted myself three times, once in my eye. Warm and sweet.
Lady’s smile reshaped into laughter.

At the community co-op cannery female hands were the 
assembly line to ladle, seal, label and stack the shelves.  
It took me a week to get up to speed.
She smiled and high-fived each woman.

I eavesdropped on silence. 
In the far distance, lighted farm houses, 
slow-moving headlights, canopy of stars and planets.
Her warm smile sufficed.

Tucked auburn hair under twirled and knotted scarf,
puffed sleeved dress with ruffled skirt, 
the smiling lady square-danced every call.

     Marsha J. Perlman

Linda Dee    by Peg Cullen     ArtPoems 2014

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