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Artists and Poets

Paul David Adamick is a retired elementary art teacher of 41 years.  He now teaches drawing and painting at The Cape Coral Arts Studio. He also takes fused glass and raku clay classes at this site.

Jamilla D. Brooks is a native of beautiful SWFL. She is a Hall of Fame MBA graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University where she currently is an Adjunct Professor. Jamilla is an Inspirational Speaker with a Desire To Inspire and a published author, "Beautiful You Are!: Inspired Poems." Jamilla was recently honored as one of SWFL's 40 Under 40 in the Naples Herald.

Susan Marie Carlo is a freelance photographer currently living in Fort Myers, FL. She has an eclectic taste in photography and enjoys playing with different angles and techniques. She uses her art as a way to describe what words often cannot.

Dr. Anna Ciamparella is a native of southern Italy. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from LSU and she teaches at the secondary and college level. Her compositions delve into human emotions and find inspiration in international modernist poetry.

Honey Costa. I always feel ready for a new art challenge. This year's subject matter was just that. In this depiction I attempt to represent my imagination and love of animals, even prehistoric. I continue to challenge myself with other techniques, compositions and subject matter. Art is my raison d'etre.

Adrian Cox is an eighth grader at Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School. She likes to read and loves to draw. She also likes photography and Photoshop.

Dolly Dempsey has had a long and rewarding Nursing career, Graduating from University of Michigan, she holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration. Since retirement she has become a self taught artist, her first class of oil painting was in 2010, her paintings are Oils, Acrylic, Pastels, along with other forms of art media. Her interests are Portraits of loved ones, pets, red-haired children, glimpse of the Midwest and other objects of beauty. She says she has found the creativity and rewarding benefits of Art.

Sue Dunham.  After a career as an elementary educator, Sue Dunham lived aboard a boat for 13 years, and cruised along the eastern seaboard for 6 years. During that time she became enamored with sunrises and sunsets, watery landscapes and the magnificence of clouds. She primarily paints with acrylics to express these dramatic views. Sue is a member of the Art League of Fort Myers and the Alliance for the Arts.

Dan Reed England is a licensed clinical social worker, working in the mental health field, and is originally from Iowa. He is also an avid wood turner, builds furniture, and enjoys kayaking.

Joyce Berrian Ferrari. This is her fourth year as a poet collaborator, and her first year as a co-producer with Roy Rodriguez for ArtPoems. Joyce enjoys playing with the power of words through poetry. Working with artists is continuously a growing experience for her. Joyce resides with her husband Carl at the Jersey shore and in Fort Myers.

Elizabeth Fiege is a seventh grader at Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School. She likes to read, watch Anime and tries to act like a normal human being. She loves visiting the wonderful state of Oregon. She also likes to draw. A lot.

Chris Godwin is a Sanibel-happy wordsmith, and a participant in Island Writers and ArtPoems. A retired college administrator/professor emeritus, she's enjoying the magic of writing poetry after a career in prose: authoring textbooks, professional articles, and mountains of work-related reports. The visual arts are a particular source of inspiration. Chris's special interests continue to be the "power of story" in immigrant, women's and children's literature.

Sandy Greco finds inspiration in personal experience. A retired physician, she attended the University of Chicago, and resided in NJ before moving to Sanibel. Also a lover of music, she enjoys singing whenever possible.

Dr. Susan Grunin is a retired college professor, who is an artist and an author. She loves painting seascapes and water; most of her paintings and photos contain water be it a stream, waves or water by the beach. She is also writing a series of children's books, entitled, Life Lessons and Tales of Little Misfit. Book One Lesson 1: 'Life Isn't Always What It Seems.' In early 2019, you will be able to find on her website how to purchase this book from her London publisher. She and her husband, Howard, have two sons, Jason and Justin. They reside in Naples, Florida with their Shiba Inu, Kona.

Scott Guelcher. His unique style of art has become well known in Southwest Florida. This blend of Pop Art Images and abstract backgrounds has attracted galleries to frequently display his artwork. He graduated from FGCU in 2005 and has received local and international recognition for his artwork. He currently teaches art at Island Coast H.S. and was commissioned to create two public art pieces for FGCU.

Shah Hadjebi is a full time watercolor artist residing in Sanibel Island. He graduated from Syracuse University in the late 1980's and comes from a family of artists: fine artists, architects, interior designers, industrial designers and furniture designers. Although he has been painting part-time for the past 20 years or so, he started as a musician but discovered that painting is his most natural outlet and passion. His subjects range from animals to still life and realism. Living on Sanibel Island has supplied him with an endless array of subjects; Wading birds on the beach and at Ding Darling wildlife refuge, classic automobiles at car shows on Periwinkle Place and popular landmarks around the island. Shah's main goal is to bring some presence and mindfulness into this hectic world and to live a life where inner and outer purposes are aligned.

Henry Heitmann is a retired New York City board of Education Special Education teacher and a teaching supervisor. Many of his poems and short stories have been published in numerous magazines and local news media. He is a remarkably keen observer of life and writes well of it. Like all good writers, he believes that each of us has a tale to tell.

Robert Hilliard is author of over 35 books and 20 plays. His first book of poetry, POEMS OF LOVE AND WAR, was published in 2018. His second book of poems, NO SHACKLES, will be published in 2019.

Geneva Kelly grew up in NJ but has been living in Florida for eight years. She has a long history of writing, and performing both her songs and poetry. Writing is what keeps her going. These days you will find her working on a piece for a new column, more poetry, or another song. Soon, she may even complete a children’s series inspired by her son. Now that Geneva has decided to plant her feet in the sand, she's more serious than ever about sharing her work.

William Kramer. I have no formal art education ... what I do have is the skill and talent provided to me naturally by the Universe. I have always worked in the field of visual arts; floral desing, interior desing, landscape design, and retail display. My life philosophy is based on recognizing the Universal-Energy around us and paying it forward. My abstract style is a direct representation of this philosophy. (18)
Claude Lyles. University of Missouri degree in art. Retired commercial banker. Owner of Estudio Cielo Azul. Member of Art League of Ft. Myers, Visual Arts Center Bonita Springs, Punta Gorda Arts Center, and Alliance for The Arts, in addition to ArtPoems.

Lawrence Massing uses photography to convey observations, thoughts, and feelings that are not always concrete in explanation. Recurring themes of man-altered landscapes and cityscapes with the play of light, time, color and texture take on a physical beauty impossible to ignore.

Holly L. McEntyre is a part-time professor, an aspiring poet, and a full-time caregiver to two loved ones with dementia. This is her 3rd collaborative experience with ArtPoems.

Gary McLouth. For Gary coming into what you can call poetry, creative writing or the way not to make a living, began at the knee of my grandmother who transformed the mundane into the magical, telling stories. My 4th grade teacher caught my ear with structured rhyme and rhythm, and to her occasional dismay, lost my attention during less musical subjects to the world outside the windows. Life steadily awakens around me and in me, the senses tuning experience, study and practice making art. Not much of a living, but for me, the only life worth living.

Marilyn Mecca. I went “public” a few years ago and turned years of diary entries, travel notes and observations into poetry. Being retired, I enjoy my morning coffee sitting down before doing what I love to do — be an arts volunteer - at the Alliance for the Arts, at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery and at Arts in Healthcare.

Carrie Moloney has been a graphic designer for over 15 years and has had her own business, Evolution Design House, since 2006.

Lesley Morrow is an artist whose paintings are bold, raw and sensitive to the eye. She expresses the feminine experience, the mystique, through contemporary portraiture capturing not only the strength she sees in these women and their faces but also the chaos behind the façade.

Edwin Moses is a 40 year old entrepreneur who specializes in “flipping’’ homes. He is a father, husband, spoken word artist and hard working licensed contractor. Edwin is a published author and has recorded three albums with cameos from multiple artists within the mainstream music industry.

Barbara Gage Mulford. Southwest Florida resident Barbara Gage Mulford is inspired by nature, history and current events as she creates acrylic, watercolor and oil paintings. Barbara also teaches drawing and painting at several locations. Look for her signature; B Gage.

Joe Pacheco is Co-Chair of ArtPoems.  Sanibel Joe's Songbook was published in 2013. Named literary Artist of the Year in 2008 by the Alliance of the Arts, he has performed his poetry in N.Y.C. and Miami, and writes a poetry column for the Sanibel Islander.

Jaansi Parsa is an 8th grader at Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School. She loves to read, write, and spend time with family and friends. As a logophile, she “writes” in many ways: “stories” on ice as a competitive skater and “poems” on the piano and violin.

Roy E. Rodriguez. As a photographic artist, I am always interested in the process of discovery, of finding a potential image with power to grasp my attention. One may say this involves providence or coincidence, both passive actions. However, I include another element, the action of “seeing”, which is active and receptive. I speak of being present in the moment of taking the photograph, and of being open to the scene as it reveals what else there may be beyond my usual awareness.

Holly Rose is a teacher and the Gifted Chair at Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School, developed a Creative & Competitive Writing program for Talented & Gifted students, and along with Kellen Mills, she piloted the student poets/artists featured in ArtPoems this year.

Rebecca Sandbek is a retired New York City Special Education teacher. Art has always been a passion but now she can devote full time to making jewelry, assemblage, mixed media, steampunk and other oddities. Many thanks to the people from Arts for ACT for channeling her enthusiasm.

Sidney B. Simon is the author of a dozen books, mostly on Values Clarification. "Cheap Grandpa in Action" is his most recent. He is a Theater critic and MC for "Stories for Grownups." Sid was Literary Artist of the Year, 2011, almost as happy an event as being in ArtPoems right from the very first year.

BabS Snyderman, Sculpture Artist with a beautiful sense of color and texture. BabS organic lines and attention to color is found in her work. From concept to finish you will find a playful respect for the materials she employs in her jewelry, hats and handbag designs. She shares her art not only through her designs but also teaches out of her retail bead and jewelery store, BabS Beads in Fort Myers.

Carolina Solomon attends Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School. She has been writing competitively for 3 years. She is constantly inspired to write poetry, and she has numerous hobbies including playing clarinet, tennis, and baking.

Beverly Taht. As an artist, I am inspired by the grace, beauty, ane power of nature and the unexpected delights of travel to new places. To capture these in an art piece is a challange.

Kenneth A. Vinton. I was born the same day Abraham Lincoln was shot, the Titanic was struck by an ice cube, and Pete Rose was born, and somehow still persevered. ( Art saved me from mathematics : ) I've been a teacher, an author, an illustrator, a contractor, an accountant, a racquetball pro, an antique shop owner, a restorer of antiques, a dad, a grandpa, a docent, but always an artist. I always look forward to the next day.

Ronnie Walter.  I am an illustrator, author, teacher, and a career coach for artists and a dogged optimist. During my career as a professional illustrator I have licensed my art on hundreds of commercial products including stationery, fabric, giftware, home goods and more. As a contemporary abstract painter, I love bringing dynamic color and movement to my work and try to create paintings with fresh energy and passion.

Buck Ward. I try to find the bits of beauty, the natural interstices in the urban coastal landscape. To find art among the myriad signs, poles, wires and parking lots, to find a beach not crowded with people, a horizon with no cell tower – that is my challenge. I try to use the light, the sky and clouds, the water, to enhance the built environment, to reveal the art of nature in the mundane works of humans.

Lorraine Walker Williams. Creator of ArtPoems was nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice. Simply Sanibel Poems is her fifth book of poetry. Literary Artist of the Year 2009.  Her poetry has been featured on the National League of American Pen Women website and magazine.