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Geneva Kelly

Gary McLouth

Marilyn Mecca

Edwin Moses

Joe Pacheco

Lorraine Walker Williams

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ArtPoems 2019 Gallery
Salon A
Ghosts of Lost and Missing Tools   by Scott Guelcher   ArtPoems 2019
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    Inspiration for Scott Guelcher’s “Ghosts of Lost and Missing Tools"

My grandfather had a tool cupboard
in the basement, stocked like a shelter:
hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers big and small,
awls and such for working leather
on the shoes he used to mend,
tools he carried from
that "old country" he left,
jobless, hungry, desperate.
Decades later, successful produce store owner,
landlord of a dozen rentals, he hung those tools
in the finished basement
of the large brick home he built;
And they rested there, aging to a dark patina.
He'd take us down there—my brother and me—
teach us how to pull nails out of orange crates,
straighten them—kind of—with hammers
too big for our children's hands:
slippery, twisted nails we'd shape anew.
When my parents sold that home
we shared with him,
the tools were auctioned off.
For years now, I hunt the flea markets,
heft the vendors' wares in my hands,
listen for a whisper that might tell me
the tools recognize me, remember him,
his age-spotted hands sure and skilled,
fitting 'round them like memoried gloves.

    - Chris Godwin​
Behind These Blinds
    Inspired by Barbara Gage Mulford’s “Looking Out”

I hide behind these blinds unable to speak.
Words have become my enemy.
My memories betray me as they fight for the surface, 
We play tug of war but nobody wins.
And I wish I could just forget.

Nobody knows the truth I've been hiding.

While I peek through the glass my mind keeps racing.
Run faster- it screams!
Leave. Escape.
Find a new place,
Somewhere that is safe.

I hide behind these blinds feeling broken and confused.
I hide behind these walls feeling helpless and used.
And I don't know what to do.

No one told me what to do if this happens.
No one prepared me for war.
Nobody gave me the strength that I needed,
But everyone needs me to be strong.

So I stare out the window and pretend.
I share my worries with the wind.

And wait for the day it all blows over.

    - Geneva Kelly
Looking Out   by Barbara Gage Mulford   ArtPoems 2019
Light and Life
Inspiration for Susan Grunin's “Sunset of Life”

Dappled sunlight on skin shows crepe
Soft lamplight is so much kinder
Too late now, she pulls down her sleeve,
marvels how this is happening
to her.

Bright sunlight, beauty on a beach
long ago.
Strong and supple, running fast
Skipping swiftly through the waves
Laughing at him, hoping to be caught,
but moving faster still.

In between times,
she thought would last forever
Children, and busy chaos
Days filled with need, and doing,
Small hands soft and clinging.
Him, coming home, tie askew
half smile, as he enters,
and she turns, surprised,
he is there and waiting.

Now she senses, it’s all of a piece
that seems to be unravelling
Or perhaps it’s just
taking on a different shape
and meaning.

- Sandy Greco

Sunset of Life   by Susan Grunin   ArtPoems 2019
Change Over
    Inspired by Lawrence Massing's “Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station, Venice, Italy 2018”

In the hustle and bustle of each day
we sometimes miss out on the small moments of joy
unless we decide to intentionally take note of them.

We need to slow down and look around
see the beauty that is around. 
Life can come at you like a speeding train 
and then there is this period of Change Over. 

Where you are at a stand still and you are not sure in what direction to go.
Should I journey back to known territory or should I venture into the unknown
and conquer uncharted territory?

Should I turn away from the dreams and goals that have been planted as seeds
because they have not sprouted yet
or should I use this period of Change Over to reflect and give thanks
for the things of the past because they have led me here,
of present because this moment is THE moment
and of the future because that moment that was THE moment
creates and makes room for the next moment.

At times I am not even sure that I am on track, 
but these moments of Change Over reminds me to have faith
in the Conductor of life because He has you on the track
and sometimes He will ask you to Change Over. 

So what will you do?
Will you journey back or venture forward?

“All Aboard…”

    - Jamilla D. Brooks
Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station, Venice Italy 2018   by Lawrence Massing   ArtPoems 2019
Lingering Vision
    Inspiration for Dolly Dempsey's "La Vie En Rose"

A light drizzle made the Paris street glisten.

Smoke from steaming coffee cups on

The outdoor tables of the café,

Protected by an overhang,

Struggled to rise in the heavy air.

Near the curb a woman appeared

In a chiffon dress blowing in the wind.

She danced along with the music

Of an Edith Piaf song playing inside

Oblivious to any onlookers,

Swaying trance-like and seemingly content,

Whirling among the raindrops.

She looked to be almost seventy,

But her classic beauty still remained.

Her snow-white hair flowing in the gentle breeze

Memories of that night stay with me

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the River Seine

And the beautiful free spirit who danced in the rain.

    - Henry Heitmann
La Vie En Rose   by Dolly Dempsey   ArtPoems 2019
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A Message 
    Inspired by Shah Hadjebi’s "Anhinga Sunrise"

Dawn, deep December stillness
on the wetlands. Mangrove roots
stretching into the shallows
building new island boundaries.

Within this silence a clock is ticking,
tides rising, welling red tides
flowing into backwaters

where this morning, an anhinga
with silvery wings and trailing feathers
perches above tangled mangrove. 

On the island a clock is ticking.
Will this wetland native 
seek solace with less habitat?

Will she find another nesting place?
Will she swim longer, 
dive deeper to sustain life?

Still, she is lucky.
Other water birds have feathers slick 
with oil, saturated in toxic waste.

This anhinga, one of many, 
seems only a footnote 
few bother to notice.

A clock is ticking, a clock is ticking 
like a heartbeat marking time…
We are falling, falling, 
falling into the future.

- Lorraine Walker Williams

​Anhinga Sunrise   by Shah Hadjebi   ArtPoems 2019