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ArtPoems 2018 Gallery
Salon D
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Frond With Bug: OK, So It's Not A Bug   by Roy Rodriguez   ArtPoems 2018
   Inspired by Roy Rodriguez’s “Frond With Bug: OK, So It's Not A Bug"


Come. Look at me.
I am debris, after storm,
on an island, ravaged and worn,
eyeless, earless, disconnected,
frayed like useless wire.

Still I gasp; I struggle to escape,
captive in this heap of disaster;
desperate for a path to that
remembered bright sky,
a reminder of what once was:
one lonely scrap of hope.

Come. Imagine me:

I am bug alive,
my arm, one leg, fringed,
already free, 
loosed ligaments climbing
this slender stairway,
ready to leap to pure light.
I am a single joyful note
on some musician's symphonic staff,
rising, aching to sing
into the crescendo of frond and sky:
the pure azure of delight.
   ~ Christine Godwin
Thought Of The Day…
   Inspiration for Paul David Adamick’s “A Land Of Peace”

                          Every good and perfect gift is from above.
                                                                                                  JAMES 1:17 (NIV)

Give me the courage to share my spoken words among your people,
let these words vibrate their eardrums rockin’ BEATS like I’m Dr. Dre
not quite a doctor yet, but one day I will head in that direction.
There is only one direction and that is up,
when I am down, I look up, when I am up I look up,
up, up, and never away!

Keep my gaze towards you always and forever
I want to spend days dazed by your beauty
I don’t have to see you to know that you are there,
no, not there or there but you are right here rockin’ the mic with me
granting me the courage I asked for in the beginning.
Hear me Roar, like the lion from the Wizard of Oz.
There is no black magic, just a vail
can’t you tell

I am a new person, oh since you probably can’t see it then you won’t believe it.
But if you put your hand on your chest and feel the vibrations with every beat,
you breathe new life, every moment is a moment to heart the world,
let me correct myself, every moment is a moment to share your heart with the world.
The heart is liking life, rockin’ to the beat so you don’t stop the music
let it flow in you and through you
because the only one who checks for you is Him, but do you check for Him?
Can you say you seek Him?
Can you say that you trust Him?
Can you say that you Believe?

Now when you say that you believe, ask yourself do I truly believe
that He took lashes and nails for you and me?
Would you lay down your life for a friend? stranger? lover? family?
Well we all are one who came from the Great One, the King of Kings.
If life skips off beat place your hands on your heart and just listen…
You have the Best DJ right here…
Jesus to the rescue!

~ Jamilla D. Brooks

A Land of Peace   by Paul David Adamick   ArtPoems 2018
   Inspired by Honey Costa’s “Coastal Habitat”

Here flamingos stand
in the brilliant blue Gulf waters
that lap the golden sands
of a thousand islands.
Here flamingos gather, each balanced
on one pencil-thin backward-bent leg,
black beaks curved down
to scoop up tiny brine shrimp.
With age their feathers change
from gray at birth
to pink, even orange and red,
while they eat
more and more pink shrimp.
Some hide from view
in the quiet green shadows
of Caloosahatchee oxbows.
Others slowly strut, flaunt their color
while they preen and feast together
in the sun.
A gathering is called by some
a colony, a stand, or a regiment
but I love best their festive designation:
a flamboyance of flamingos.

   ~ Mary Beth Lundgren
Coastal Habitat   by Honey Costa   ArtPoems 2018
   Inspiration for Barbara Gage Mulford’s “Snapshot”

Rummaging through
old photographs
black and white
grainy with age
I find myself
running through a field
dried-out hay crunching 
under my stocking- covered feet
the only clothing
on my lithe limber body
I catch my breath
longing to be back
far away in that moment
long dark hair floating 
around me a feather 
tucked behind one ear
I am captured
in a country summer breeze
our clothing lay scattered
in the open field
the scent of new mown hay lingering
on my skin still wet from rapture
He is not in the picture
photographer voyeur lover
of fleeting moments
the prickly grass is not visible
only me clutching 
a bouquet of daisies
me fleeing in wild abandonment

   ~ Joyce Berrian Ferrari
Snapshot   by Barbara Gage Mulford   ArtPoems 2018
Travelin'   by Beverly Taht   ArtPoems 2018
Truckin’ to Eternity 
   Inspired by Beverly Taht’s “Travelin’ ” 

I’m not givin’ up, you gave up on me
Toyota, Ford, Dodge and the new Chevy
Though their new models eclipse me
My desires drive on 

Botox the gaps in my grinning grill
Grease my bearings, align my wheels, 
Sand my dimples to shining sheen
Gap the plugs, inflate the tires, fuel my marbled machine

Pick-up truckers crave old but new
I’ll be an antique two years in June, 
Good for collectors, historians of trends
But I know what you know, the fickleness of trends
Memories go dark, sentiments dull
I strain to remember my showroom spell
I trucked your load
You drove me like Hell

Bein’ a truck is like bein’ a toad
Follow the leader, far down the road
Turn to look back, your story’s done told
You’re just a trade-in, new truck’s been sold

   ~ Gary McLouth
   Inspiration for artist Lawrence Massing’s “Untitled“

I longed to love you
With that same intensity
To feed the fire of my desire,
It could not be.

Just as a moth that flies too closely
To the flame must surely die,
So too, I,
Could not exist
Apart from you.

For then, I breathed your very air,
Synchronized my every breath
As we slept
To climb inside your mind
And become a part of you,
Was all that I desired.
Time’s subtle changes cause a shift,
Familiarity breeds complacency
Comfort replaces intensity
Love remains
But those raging rivers have been crossed
Our younger selves now changed or lost.

Both disappointed and relieved,
I did believe
Only calm waters lay ahead
Not understanding
I am sailing on a different sea.

   ~ Sandy Greco
Untitled   by Lawrence Massing   ArtPoems 2018