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ArtPoems is a creative collaboration of artists and poets. As a platform for the creation of new art and poetry it adds a unique vision and voice to the Southwest Florida cultural landscape each year. Founded in 2007 by Lorraine Walker Williams and Joe Pacheco, ArtPoems will celebrate its thirteenth year in 2019.

Each season ArtPoems artists and poets are paired and exchange art and poetry. The artists create new art works inspired by poetry and the poets write new poems inspired by artwork. New creations emerge from this shared inspiration and collaboration.

This year ArtPoems will be performed at two venues and exhibited at the Art League of Fort Myers gallery in downtown Fort Myers. 

Presented here are highlights from previous seasons along with the complete set of collaborations created for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth seasons of ArtPoems. Enjoy these works and join us in this coming year. 
ArtPoems   by Myra Roberts   ArtPoems 2014
Poem, fall not far from me.
    Inspiration for Mary Ann Devos' "Poet's Tree"

Poem, fall not far from me,
Bitter or sweet, your words are mine.
You are my apple, I am your tree.

Try as you might you cannot flee,
Bound as we are like grape to vine.
Poem, fall not far from me.

Seek not separate epiphany
Or look to sip a different wine,
You are my fruit, I am your tree.

Aground in shade is your penalty,
New loves and worlds cannot be thine,
Poem, fall not far from me.

No child of discord dare you be,
Ripe with rebellion in every line,
You are the scion, but I am the tree.

Tempt not some Adam to bite on thee
Or his Lady Eve in verse enshrine,
You are my knowledge, I am your tree ---
Fall not, Poem, far from me. 

- Joe Pacheco
Poet's Tree   by Mary Ann Devos   ArtPoems 2014

Upcoming Events

Past Events

ArtPoems 2019

Multimedia Stage Presentation
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Reception 7:00pm
Stage Presentation 7:30pm
Alliance for the Arts
10091 McGregor Blvd
Fort Myers, Florida

Multimedia Stage Presentation
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Stage Presentation 7:30pm
Rush Auditorium
Florida SW College
8099 College Pkwy
Fort Myers, Florida

April 2 - 25 2019
Reception Friday, April 5, 2019 6:00pm
Art League of Fort Myers
1451 Monroe St
Fort Myers, Florida

ArtPoems 2018

Multimedia Stage Presentation
March 2018
Alliance for the Arts
Fort Myers, Florida

Multimedia Stage Presentation
March 2018
Schein Hall, BIGarts
Sanibel, Florida

April 2018
Arts for ACT
Fort Myers, Florida​

The Other Side
   Inspired by Artist Sheila Hoen's "Running from the Storm"

Who, now passes before me
on the path behind the glass?
A shogun's daughter, perhaps?
Surely more than just a village maid:
delicate, graceful, and wrapped in a rainbow
of flowing silks.

But she hurries so—she might never see me,
and what moves her to forego her measured steps?
Ah! There! The oni twins,
Furious beasts, faces grotesque and sprouting horns,
Fūjin's breath blows hot, then cold to test the stoutest trees,
and his brother in spirit
Raijin, jagged daggers raised against the darkening sky,
each footfall an ominous rumble—
Even the glass before me trembles at his coming.

If I could only reach out,
calm her fears with a gentle embrace,
extend my hand and lead her to the safety
of Hachiman—protector of all.
Then, one fine day,
when she again proceeds along this path,
she might turn
and look back upon me with fondness.

But alas, I can never be in her world,
not a pebble in the path
or even a phantom in the gentle breeze
that would stir her silks.
And the glass ...
   the glass will forever shield her
   from my sighs.

   - Larry Stiles

Running from the Storm   by Sheila Hoen   ArtPoems 2014

NOTICE:  The copyright for all images of art works and all poems on this site are retained by the original artist and poet respectively.  The ArtPoems name and ArtPoems logo are copyright Lorraine Walker Williams.    All rights reserved.

ArtPoems, Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3) public charity.

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