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ArtPoems is a creative collaboration of artists and poets. As a platform for the creation of new art and poetry it adds a unique vision and voice to the Southwest Florida cultural landscape each year. Founded in 2007 by Lorraine Walker Williams and Joe Pacheco, ArtPoems will celebrate its tenth year in 2016.

Each season ArtPoems artists and poets are paired and exchange art and poetry. The artists create new art works inspired by poetry and the poets write new poems inspired by artwork. New creations emerge from this shared inspiration and collaboration.

This year ArtPoems will be performed at two venues and exhibited at the Cape Coral Library. Music will bring additional creative spirit to these performances.

Presented here are highlights from previous seasons along with the complete set of collaborations created for the eighth, ninth and tenth seasons of ArtPoems. Enjoy these works and join us in this coming year. 
ArtPoems   by Myra Roberts   ArtPoems 2014

Jan Palmer, Chair - ArtPoems

Joe Pacheco,  Co-chair, publicity

Fibonacci Moon Song
Inspiration for Pascale Doxy's "Moon Song"

Come to me tonight.
Let your milky light nurse my eyes
With silver bright, soothe my sighs with silent lullabies.

Let us make love, you from above, I dreaming below,
Before daylight uncovers us —
Florida full moon,
Come to me,

Joe Pacheco

Moon Song   by Pascale Doxy   ArtPoems 2012

Upcoming Events

Past Events

ArtPoems 2016

April 4 - 29
Cape Coral Library
921 SW 39th Terrace
Cape Coral, Florida

ArtPoems 2017

Multimedia Stage Presentation
February 2017

Multimedia Stage Presentation
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Alliance for the Arts

April 3 - 30 2017
Arts for ACT

ArtPoems 2016

Multimedia Stage Presentation
February 2016
Sanibel, Florida

Multimedia Stage Presentation
March 2016
Alliance for the Arts
Fort Myers, Florida

   Inspired by Mary Ann Devos'  "Genesis"

I gather thoughts about beginnings, 
a theme so vast as Genesis,
and earth,
and sea, 
and the power of words. 
Ocean. Creation. Januaries.

Or should they be of her
who gathered stones and silver
and crystal to reflect the light--
the light He said was good?

And there is jasper of the sea
from the coast of Madagascar
mined only at low tide
in the innocence of morning.

New vines curl like ribbon
tinted by the spool of moonlight.
They reach toward their epiphany
in the quiet of the dew.

She strings together elements
to represent creation.
I string together sentences.
Ten thousand words
would never be enough.

  -- Carol Drummond

Genesis   by Mary Ann Devos   ArtPoems 2013
NOTICE:  The copyright for all images of art works and all poems on this site are retained by the original artist and poet respectively.  The ArtPoems name and ArtPoems logo are copyright Lorraine Walker Williams.    All rights reserved.
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