ArtPoems was created by Lorraine Walker Williams and Joe Pacheco in 2007. Meeting on a regular basis at the Sanibel Public Library, they used works of art in library volumes to inspire new poetry. From this modest beginning they established ArtPoems to provide a platform for the creation of new art and poetry by collaborating artists and poets.

Since that time Lorraine, as ArtPoems Chair, with the help of Joe as Co-Chair, has successfully produced eight seasons of creative inspirations. During that period there have been nearly a hundred collaborations of artist and poet, with each collaboration producing a new work of art and poetry.

As Lorraine Walker Williams steps down from her position as Chair following the 2014 season, the ArtPoems community thanks her for her vision and her leadership.
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Pride in the Leader   by Andrew Corke    ArtPoems 2014
Malala     by Myra Roberts    ArtPoems 2014
Rex Recorked
   Inspired by Andrew Corke's  Pride in the Leader

(For Tsavo, recently from Naples Zoo)



Retrofitted, my

Roar reverberates again,

Resonant, rich with

Remembrance and reverie. My

Restorer roamed, ransacked

Receptacles of the rejected.

Refused no refuse,

Retreaded my route toward

Resurrection and revival.

Recorked, my mane remains

Redolent with River Road

Reds and Rosés, my eyes

Relit and refulgent, my mouth

Remembering roads it rode, I,

Rex Redux, Ruler of the Realm,

Rise and roar again.

     Joe Pacheco

Inspired by Myra Roberts'   Malala

On the beach, twilight
          drifting over waves lapping.
Evening star rises in a darkening sky.
Tiny points shine from blackness.

A world away a courageous girl, 
Malala becomes the voice of young girls 
kept in dakness, the darkness of illiteracy, 
simply because they are born female,
girls who hide books under their clothes, 
girls who risk to learn.

Malala pleads: Education is the only solution.
          The world listens— 
Under threat of a fatwa this child,
this child wages war with words.

Far from the comfort of America,
a Taliban gunman shouts: Who is Malala?
Bullets pierce her left eye—
          She will not be silenced…
Her words become more powerful than a gun.

She the wisp of light slipped under the door,
          the grain of sand that wears away rock.
Malala, the flower against the stone wall,
          seed grown from the crack in the walk.
One child, one teacher, one book can change the world.*

On the beach on a clear night, thousands of stars. 
          How many of us look up, 
          blind to what is before us?

Malala, you open our eyes to hope
for all girls who will rise with a book and a pen
          from the depth of darkness 
to sear ignorance with the fire of learning.

    Lorraine Walker Williams

*Malala Yousafzai Speech at the United Nations

Remembering The Cliff House,
  Ocean Beach, San Francisco
        Inspiration for Artist Jan Palmer Curl My Toes

If I were to visit there again,
I'd skip the waiting to be seated,
forget about the fine
fine California wine,
and the table beside the plate glass window,
reserved to watch the orange sun
drop in the Pacific.

I'd leave my Nikon 
with the 18 millimeter lens
behind me, behind me
somewhere, someplace else.

I'd forget 
my skirt was delicate and white,
and, easing to the water's edge,
curl my toes 
against the cliffs in place, 
cliffs in place since Genesis.

I'd listen 
for the roaring of the lions of the sea.

And as my face is misted
with the white white froth,
and as my hair is blown --
disheveled by the wind,

I'd welcome the shiver
from the crash,
of the cold cold waves
against those rocks, 
stalwart and steadfast 
for centuries. 

      Carol Drummond

Curl My Toes    by Jan Palmer    ArtPoems 2014